About Us

At Mandy Projects (PVT) Ltd, we provide editing, copywriting, scriptwriting, corporate communications, and content creation services to clients around the world. Engaging with over 150 clients from multiple industries, we have worked on more than 1,000 projects of all sizes.

Mandy Projects was founded by Madara Ranmuthugala in September 2014. Before starting her own brand, she worked at many development sector organisations, including the UNAIDS and the British Council. Her knowledge of communication requirements in corporate and non-profit settings led her to create the brand and she brings a passion for assisting people and making them shine.

Dinesh Liyanage joined Mandy Projects in 2021. Prior to joining, he worked at a video production company and his family business in advertising. He brings a fiercely creative spirit heightened by an extensive knowledge of movies, books, and trivia. You can find him occasionally writing comics features for Comic Book Resources (CBR).